„Since 2008 Regine Schneider has been responsible for all PR areas of the TIM RAUE brand, as well as for all personally PR topics for TIM RAUE himself. Thanks to her support, commitment and strategy, a highly individual and successful brand has grown out of it. Her empathy on the one hand and clear, goal-oriented planning on the other have made it possible to grow step by step. Personally, I am infinitely grateful to Regine Schneider for having walked this intensive path with me and for always having been and still being a valuable advisor. The greatest thing is now that we have arrived at the top of our industry with the TIM RAUE brand, to plan the future with her to stay there!“

-Tim Raue-

„DIE SCHNEIDEREI betreut unsere Häuser bereits seit 2014 und hat in dieser Zeit maßgeblich zur Bekanntmachung unserer Marken beigetragen. Die zahlreichen Veröffentlichungen in sämtlichen namhaften Medien sprechen für sich. Regine Schneider und ihr Team stecken viel Herzblut in ihre Arbeit und stehen uns als Ansprechpartner jederzeit mit Erfahrung und Kreativität zur Seite. Sie kümmern sich bei Bedarf um alle Anfragen vom Foto bis zur Bloggerreise, übernehmen die Organisation von Events und Pressereisen und begleiten diese gleichermaßen charmant und professionell. Auch auf persönlicher Ebene schätzen wir die Zusammenarbeit sehr und fühlen uns bestens aufgehoben.”

-Brune & Company-

„I have been working with the PR agency DIE SCHNEIDEREI for almost ten years. We have a very trusting working relationship. This trust is the basis for many joint decisions and has developed and been confirmed by very positive feedback from journalists. In addition to the quality of their work, the speed and reliability are also frequently praised.

What I would like to emphasize is that DIE SCHNEIDEREI has never advertised the market value of a publication. They see themselves rather as a mediator between press and customer. However, anyone who wants to work with the DIE SCHNEIDEREI must also bring something to the table. It’s like a fire that burns stronger the more wood you put on.“

-Thomas Bühner-

„For more than 2 years, we – FREIGEIST & FRIENDS GmbH & Co. KG – have been working very successfully and gladly together with the PR agency DIE SCHNEIDEREI. In addition to the hotel opening of ‘A Member of Desinghotels ™ FREIgeist Göttingen’ in 2018 with numerous publications in magazines, blogs and daily newspapers as well as perfectly organized press trips, our businesses were also listed several times in different media among the planned activities on the topic of „Destination PR“. DIE SCHNEIDEREI understands how to integrate hotel-specific concerns and contexts into the PR strategy developed with the client, how to take them into account, how to act seasonally and how to advise at eye level. In short, DIE SCHNEIDEREI knows its craft and also impresses with its extremely likeable hands on mentality.“

-Freigeist & Friends-